For thousands of boat owners, the thrill of sailing on the open seas far exceeds the satisfaction of taking their boat out again once the challenge of getting it ready and fueled has been met. For others, the seclusion and tranquility of a remote lake or pond, surrounded by green hills and lush woods is as exhilarating as it is restorative.

Regardless of your reasons for getting into boats, there is no denying that getting into a 1991 Feeling 286 Special Sail Boat can be something of an initiation rite for most new boaters. Whether you are an experienced cruiser looking to test-drive your skills or a complete novice who just wants to go out and have some fun, getting into a sailboat is a turning point in your life. Going out into the open sea on your own is scary enough without being nervous about how you’re going to stay afloat!

What is a Feeling 286 Special Sailboat?

A 1991 Feeling 286 Special Sail Boat, also known as a rowing boat, is a small, strongly built boat with one or more pairs of oars capable of propelling it across open water. Because it is lightly built, a sailboat is much more seaworthy than a motorized boat. Sailboats range in length from about 36 feet to about 60 feet and width from about 18 feet to about 30 feet. Sailboats are ideal for all kinds of recreational boating because they are not only fun to use, but are also very efficient and able to stay afloat on their own without the need for an outboard engine.

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1991 Feeling 286 Special Sail Boat Specifications

Model286 Special
Length29 ft
Fuel TypeOther
Hull MaterialOther
LocationNaarden, Netherlands
Tax StatusTax Paid

How to Get Yourself into a Sailboat?

Getting into a sailboat can be a little tricky. You need to be able to handle the basic maintenance, know how to launch and land your boat, and understand how to use the various onboard equipment. Getting into a sailboat can be easier said than done, especially if you are a complete novice. There are a number of things you need to consider before getting into a sailboat.

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Finding your first boat

First, find a boat that you like. It is easiest to find a boat if it is in somebody’s yard or on somebody’s lot. If you don’t have a boat to look at yet, you can always call your local marina and ask if they have any that they are willing to part with. Although most marinas will not start the display purchase process for new boats until the boat is actually out in the water.

You can usually get a good idea of what kind of boat your prospective owners keep boating in by looking online through services like Boating Trader. If you don’t have a boat yet, the most important thing you can do is find a nice store to buy your boat from. Before you buy a boat, you will want to do your research and make sure that the boat you choose is the right size for your boat and the conditions in your area.

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Safety in the water

When you are getting into a new boat, you will be required to take a safety course to ensure that you are competent enough to operate the boat and keep it from getting into accidents. A basic course will cover how to use the onboard equipment, how to use the paddleboard and scullion, and how to use the dinghy if you are using one. It will also cover how to avoid getting into an accident and include information about how to properly secure your boat.

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Choosing the right paint for your boat

Most sailboats are painted white. White is a beautiful color, and it will blend well with most environments, but it is also one of the hardest paints to keep clean. Anywhere you take your boat, scraps of food and drink will get stuck in the paint and quickly lead to expensive boat damage. White is also not a good color for showing off your boat. It is a shame because the other paint colors are not as bright, but white just doesn’t seem to go with most environments well.

To keep your boat looking beautiful, you will want to choose a color that is relatively low maintenance and easy to clean. White is an excellent color to choose because it is low maintenance and easy to clean, but it is also quite bright so it will definitely show off your boat. Choose a color that is low maintenance, easy to clean, and blends well with the environment so you can enjoy sailing in peace without having to worry about what color your boat is showing off when you get home from the boatyard each day.

Finishing touches for your new boat

Once you have found the perfect boat for you, it is time to finish shopping for your new boat. You will want to make sure that your new boat has everything you need to make it a great boat. Look for boats that have: A padded seat, ample headroom, storage areas, Plenty of room for your gear, and a location where you can easily set up a skylight if you are planning on going out all season.


A 1991 Feeling 286 Special Sail Boat, also known as a rowing boat, is a small, strongly built boat with one or more pairs of oars capable of propelling it across open water.

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