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The Rio 630 Cabin Fish Power Boat is a high-quality small displacement fish power boat that’s perfect for a small pond or lake. It’s also a very popular choice with rowing aficionados – the boat’s low displacement means that it offers plenty overdue and inertia for good speed control, even on the choppiest of waters. The boat will work well in any watercraft rental program and can be used for both private ownership as well as commercial use. It has a spacious interior that makes it great for solo boating or can fit up to 6 people comfortably. For added safety, an optional life jacket is available on all Rio 6xx series models.

Boat Characteristics – Rio 6xx Series

The Rio 6xx series is the entry-level line of the family. The designation refers to the displacement level, with the 6xx representing the sixth-largest displacement in the boat class. The boats can be very similar in size, shape and features to the higher-end models in the 6xx series, but they are equipped with less advanced engines and are much less expensive to purchase new. The boats are very similar to the higher-end models, but there are a few key differences that will affect the price.

RIO 630 Cabin Fish motor and cocpit

The most obvious one is that the basic model in the 6xx series is shorter in length, with a beam of 36.5 inches (0.99m) compared to the long-legged models in the 6xx series. Another difference is the cabin layout, with the 6xx series being nearly all-cabin models and the 6xxLT being the only boat with a full galley. The only major difference between the two series is the Rio 635SLSLT is a professional-spec model, which costs $4,500 more than the entry-level model.

RIO 630 Cabin Fish cocpit

Rio 630 Cabin Fish Power Boat Price

The Rio 630 is one of the most popular powerboats on the water. It is a low-displacement boat that offers plenty of performance and stability for any watersport. It has a shallow hull that allows the boat to float on the quietest of waters, while still offering excellent stability when water speeds up. The boat comes in two versions: Standard and Super Yacht. The Standard version is powered by a 1.5L engine that makes 147hp and costs $6,495. The Super Yacht is powered by a 2L engine that makes 225hp and costs $9,495. Both models have a beam of just 25.5 inches (0.75m) and a draft of only 5.5 inches (1.9m).

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RIO 630 Cabin Fish - motor

How to Buy a Rio 630 Cabin Fish?

The first step toward owning a Rio is finding a boat that meets your criteria. How many people do you expect to row and generally what types of boats do you like to row? Next, find out what amenities are included and/or available on the boat you’re interested in. To find out what is available on the boat you’re interested in, read the boat descriptions carefully. Look for the following equipment/adapter options.

Things to Consider when Buying a Rio

Next, head to your local boat dealer and ask if they will sell you the boat they stock. If not, try another dealer and keep looking. Depending on where you live, this may not be an option. In some areas, you’ll need to go to a dealer located within your own town. Boat dealerships do a lot of marketing and selling, so they may advertise boat availability with no idea who they are selling to. Make sure you check the boat manual and any literature you are presented with before making a purchase.

RIO 630 Cabin Fish inside - 2

Dealer Rental Availability of the Rio

If you’re interested in renting a Rio, make sure you check the availability calendar. New boats go on the rental calendar for about six months before they are ready to be released to the public. Check the calendar for the latest announcement and make sure you’re aware of any expected delays. If you have a specific boat in mind and are looking for a particular model or make, you’ll have better luck renting a boat from a private party rather than from a dealer.

RIO 630 Cabin Fish inside - 1

Final Words

If you’re looking for a great all-around boat for the family to enjoy together, the Rio is the model to choose. It’s cozy, simple, and efficient. It’s perfect for a 1 personal operation, for couples who are looking for a single-use boat for weekend getaways, or for groups looking to enjoy charter fishing or shellfishing activities. The Rio is also a good choice for individuals who want a small but efficient boat for city or suburban use. The low displacement and light weight make the boat easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and it offers plenty of performance for all types of watersport activities.

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