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The Arcona 410 Sail Boat is a high-performance sailboat designed for racing and cruising. It features a modern, sleek design with a deep T-shaped keel for stability and speed. The spacious interior includes comfortable living quarters and a well-equipped galley, making it suitable for extended trips. With advanced sailing technology and superior craftsmanship, the Arcona 410 offers an exceptional sailing experience for both competitive and leisurely sailors.

The Arcona 410 sailboat is made by Arcona Yachts, a Swedish boat manufacturer specializing in high-performance sailing yachts. The company was founded in 1979 by Torgny Jansson and has since produced a range of sailboats from 32 to 46 feet in length. The Arcona 410 was introduced in 2011 and has been well-received for its combination of speed, comfort, and quality craftsmanship. Arcona Yachts is based in Gustavsberg, Sweden, and the boats are built in their own shipyard in Poland.

Arcona 410 Sail Boat - camara


Here are some specifications for the Arcona 410 sailboat:

  • Length overall: 12.36m (40′ 7″)
  • Waterline length: 10.80m (35′ 5″)
  • Beam: 3.98m (13′ 1″)
  • Draft (standard): 2.35m (7′ 9″)
  • Displacement (light): 8,600 kg (18,960 lbs)
  • Sail area (main and jib): 92 sq m (990 sq ft)
  • Fuel capacity: 150 liters (39.6 US gal)
  • Water capacity: 290 liters (76.6 US gal)
  • Engine: Volvo Penta D2-50 (49 hp)
  • Designer: Stefan Qviberg and the Arcona design team.

Note: specifications may vary depending on the year and model of the boat.

Arcona 410 Sail Boat - bedroom

Arcona 410 Racer & Sail Boat Benefits & Features

Here are some benefits and features of the Arcona 410 sailboat:

  • High-performance design for racing and cruising
  • Spacious and comfortable interior with a well-equipped galley
  • Advanced sailing technology and superior craftsmanship
  • Sleek and modern appearance with a T-shaped keel for stability and speed
  • Customizable options for sails, electronics, and interior layout
  • Designed for single-handed or shorthanded sailing
  • Easy handling and responsive steering
  • Suitable for extended trips with ample storage and tank capacities
  • Available in different finishes and materials for personalized style
  • Backed by Arcona’s reputation for quality and performance.

The cost of an Arcona 410 sailboat can vary depending on the year, location, and optional equipment selected. The cutoff in September 2021, the base price of a new Arcona 410 sailboat was approximately €360,000 (euros) or $425,000 (US dollars). However, the final price can increase significantly depending on the customization and options chosen, such as sails, electronics, and interior finishes. It is always best to check with a local dealer or manufacturer for the most up-to-date pricing and availability.

Pros and Cons


  • Good performance: The Arcona 410 has a reputation for being fast and responsive, with a well-balanced hull and sail plan that can handle a variety of wind conditions.
  • Quality construction: The boat is built to a high standard with quality materials, including a foam core sandwich construction for added strength and stiffness.
  • Comfortable interior: The interior is well-designed with a spacious and comfortable living area, good storage options, and a well-equipped galley.
  • Good visibility: The boat has large windows and hatches, providing good natural light and visibility from the interior.
  • Well-equipped for sailing: The boat comes with a comprehensive set of standard equipment for sailing, including a high-performance mast and rigging, and high-quality sails.


  • Expensive: The Arcona 410 is a high-end sailboat, and the price reflects that.
  • Limited headroom: While the interior is well-designed, the headroom can be a bit low in some areas, which may be uncomfortable for taller sailors.
  • Limited storage: Despite the good storage options, some owners have found the boat to be lacking in storage space for longer voyages.
  • Requires experienced sailors: The boat is designed for performance sailing and requires a skilled sailor to handle it properly.
  • Limited availability: As a high-end, relatively niche sailboat, the Arcona 410 may not be available in all areas or at all times, making it harder to find and purchase.

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