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When it comes to sailing, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a boat that offers a perfect balance of performance, speed, and comfort. One such sailboat that has gained popularity among racing sailors is the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200. Designed with a focus on speed and agility, the Sun Fast 3200 is a versatile vessel that excels in both racing and cruising scenarios.

The Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200: An Overview

The Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 is a 32-foot sailboat that belongs to the Sun Fast range, renowned for its performance-oriented designs. This model combines the expertise of renowned naval architect Daniel Andrieu and the renowned Jeanneau design team to create a boat that delivers exceptional sailing performance.

Key Features

The Sun Fast 3200 boasts several features that make it an ideal choice for both competitive racing and comfortable cruising:

1. Hull Design

The hull of the Sun Fast 3200 is designed to maximize speed and stability. Its lightweight construction, combined with a plumb bow and wide stern, allows for quick acceleration and enhanced control. The boat’s twin rudders provide excellent maneuverability, ensuring precise handling even in challenging conditions.

2. Ergonomic Cockpit

The cockpit of the Sun Fast 3200 is intelligently designed for efficient sail handling and comfortable crew movement. The layout provides easy access to all controls, allowing sailors to make adjustments swiftly during races. The cockpit also offers ample seating and space for relaxation during leisurely cruises.

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3. Sail Plan

The sail plan of the Sun Fast 3200 is optimized for speed and performance. The boat features a large, powerful mainsail and a choice of headsails, including a genoa and a self-tacking jib. This versatile sail configuration enables sailors to adapt to varying wind conditions with ease.

4. Interior Comfort

While primarily designed for racing, the Sun Fast 3200 doesn’t compromise on interior comfort. The boat features a well-appointed cabin with a functional galley, comfortable sleeping berths, and a spacious saloon area. The interior layout is carefully crafted to provide a cozy living space during extended cruising trips.

Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200

Buying a Sun Fast 3200

If you’re considering purchasing a Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200, there are several options available. Many boat dealerships and online marketplaces offer both new and used Sun Fast 3200 sailboats for sale. It’s important to thoroughly inspect any used vessel and ensure that it meets your specific requirements.

To give you an idea of the price range, here’s a table summarizing the approximate cost of a new Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 and a used model:

Boat ConditionPrice Range (USD)
New Sun Fast 3200$150,000 – $180,000
Used Sun Fast 3200$100,000 – $130,000

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as the boat’s age, condition, and location.

jeanneau sunfast 3200


The Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 is a highly regarded sailboat that offers an ideal blend of speed, performance, and comfort. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast looking to dominate the competition or a cruising sailor seeking an exciting and capable vessel, the Sun Fast 3200 is worth considering. With its sleek design, impressive features, and versatility, this sailboat is sure to provide an exhilarating sailing experience for both novice and experienced sailors alike.

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