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You can sail on the Edel 36 Catamaran Sail Boat with confidence, knowing that it has been built to last and features top-of-the-line equipment. It’s not just about how fast or expensive the sailboat is – it’s about how well it performs. The Edel 36 is no exception. In fact, like many others on the market today, it exceeds expectations and leaves spectators in awe of its performance and durability.

Sailing On the Edel 36 Catamaran Sail Boat Sleek and Fast The Edel 36 has a sophisticated yet sporty appearance. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish but fun addition to their fleet. With its distinctive single-hull design, you can rest assured that your travel experience will be nothing short of smooth sailing on this catamaran sailboat.

Edel 36 Catamaran Sail Boat - on the sea

Comprehensive Equipment List

The Edel 36 has a comprehensive equipment list that will both please and impress. The sailing yacht’s luxurious interior provides plenty of space to house your personal items and your boat’s equipment, as well as comfortable accommodation for your crew. Off the Windowed Cockpit, The classy and yet open-plan Off the Windowed Cockpit is where you’ll spend most of your time sailing on the Edel 36.

You’ll find yourself in this beautifully appointed cabin most working days, as you head out on your day-to-day sailing adventures. Custom Cabinetry by Boatbuilder Your yacht’s cabinetry is nothing short of fantastic. The interiors are beautifully finished with soft materials, including leather seating and cabinetry, along with stainless steel. The cabinets feature a variety of storage solutions, including top-mounted cupboards, drawers, and shelves, as well as a drop-down slide-out table that doubles as a bed.

Edel 36 Catamaran Sail Boat - on the marina

Super Strong Aluminum Construction

Like all catamaran sailboats, the Edel 36 is built around a high-strength, lightweight aluminum hull. This sturdy construction is further enhanced by a Super Strong Construction (S.S.C.) rating. Although it may not have the acceleration of a fiberglass boat, the Edel 36 is highly maneuverable and tough enough to take you where you want to go. Trimmed to a Tailsheet Finish The S.S.C. rating also means that the Edel 36 is incredibly strong and durable.

This is evident in the yacht’s firm, yet lightweight, fiberglass hull. The fiberglass is strengthened with aluminum bars, making the Edel 36 a truly stable and seaworthy boat. Part of this stability comes from the yacht’s distinctive single-hull design. The yacht’s long, graceful lines flow beautifully throughout the water, creating a feeling of calm and assurance. The single-hull design also offers better airflow, which results in less drag, allowing the Edel 36 to reach a higher speed and achieve a higher sailing rating.

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Foldable and Removable Cockpit Seats

Like most sailing yachts, the Edel 36 has fully removable, foldable, and adjustable cockpit seats. The removable seats allow you to take them with you when you’re not using them and make the yacht even more transportable. Cockpit Seats are also fully adjustable, allowing you to move them back and forth to optimize the amount of space available in the boat.

Trimmed to a Tailsheet Finish

Ships’ finish materials are typically painted onto the boats, making the surface smooth and easy to damage. This is not the case with the Tailsheet finish, which is applied using a specialized finish-applying machine. This finish gives the Edel 36 a unique and striking look that will make you stand out on the water. Additionally, the finish prevents water damage, allowing the surface to remain smooth and the lines to remain straight.

Aft Stowage and Storage with Great Access

Having a large, open cockpit and no storage space whatsoever is certainly not the type of space you’d want to be spending most of your time in. Enter the aft stowage, which is located behind the mast and consists of two large storage compartments with lockable doors. These compartments are perfect for leaving your toys and shoes, as well as your ever-increasing cargo when you’re not sailing. They also provide plenty of storage space for your passengers and crew.

Solid Wood Cabinetry with Leather Seating

Although there is a difference in class between a catamaran and a monohull boat, the solid wood cabinetry of the Edel 36 still manages to feel warm and homey. With simple lines and a soft, worn-in look, the cabinetry feels comfortable to sit in. The cabinetry is finished with a beautiful, hand-lettered sign that reads “Inspiration”.

User-Friendly Controls

The controls on the Edel 36 are user-friendly, making it a cinch to get into the heart of your sailing route. The wheel is at the front of the boat, making it easy to reach, while the controls for the sails are easy to see and access from the deck. The helm station also features a printed service manual, making it easy to find and quickly open when you’re on the water.


The sailing yacht market is filled with great options, but the Edel 36 Catamaran Sail Boat is one of the best. It offers a luxurious ride, top-notch equipment, and an attractive exterior. The Edel 36 has everything you need for a comfortable, sophisticated sailing experience. It’s not just about how fast or expensive the sailboat is – it’s about how well it performs. The Edel 36 is no exception. In fact, like many others on the market today, it exceeds expectations and leaves spectators in awe of its performance and durability.

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